Call for Evidence: Have Your Say on the Future of Work

The Future of Work Commission is looking at changes in the world of work linked to the new technological revolutionThis call for evidence is your opportunity to take part.

The commissioners draw from a wide range of experience in academia, business, trade union and government backgrounds.

The Terms of Reference set out a Four Stage evidence process for the Commission, which will produce a report in September 2017.

The main objectives of the Future of Work Commission are:

• To identify and understand trends in key sectors and regions
• To propose guiding principles for policy orientation
• To recommend and prioritise some immediately achievable policies
• To highlight areas for further work

This call for evidence is your opportunity to be part of that process.

Who can take part?

To date, the commission has held public evidence hearings, workshops and begun a series of briefing sessions with stakeholders. Digital surveys are being road-tested for circulation in focus sectors: retail, healthcare and transport.

The commissioners will undertake an in-depth analysis in these areas. But we also seek broader and more personal accounts from organisations and people in all sectors about their experiences of the new technological revolution and the policies they think would enable us to harness the best of the technological revolution and avoid its pitfalls.

This call for evidence is aimed at individuals, organisations and businesses who would like to contribute to the research, analysis and policy ideas of the Commission.

How to submit evidence

1. Download the questions and guidance notes here

2. Email your response to [email protected] before the deadline of April 21st 2017

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]