The Future of Work Commission will report on December 11th at the Institution of Engineering and Technology

In recent weeks FOW Commissioners have been speaking at a host of events and forums.
1.       Public Philosopher Michael Sandel led a public dialogue exploring the social and ethical issues surrounding the automation of work  (aired by the BBC): Would Life be Better if Robots Did All The Work :
2.       Commissioner Michael A Osborne carried out new research and co-wrote a new paper for Nesta and Pearson predicting the skills gaps and implications for learning in Jobs 2030: [They designed 6 hypothetical new jobs here:]
3.       Helen Mountfield QC chaired and several Commissioners spoke at Chatham House’s Future of Work Conference in 2017:
4.       Nobel Prize Winner Professor Christopher Pissarides advised McKinseys on their new report on automation: ‘Jobs lost, Jobs gained and Workforce transitions’ in different scenarios through to 2030:
5.       Daniel Susskind participated in a debate on ‘Will Your Children Have a Job’ hosted by the BBC:
6.       Naomi Climer presented the September 2017 edition of ‘Engineering and Technology’ dedicated to the Future of Work: